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COBA Virtual File Server

COBA Virtual File Server
Over the past couple years, many students have asked for the ability to access their network files from home.  We have finally gotten a product that allows for secure access to your network files from virtually anywhere.  It also gives the ability to easily get your class files off of the "K Drive".  The CVFS Server allows for easy access to manage your documents between home and the labs.  It also give you the ability to access your files from classrooms for presentations.

CVFS Has been tested and fully functional using the following System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Vista Using:
    • Internet Explorer 6 or above
    • Firefox 1.0.7 and above
    • Netscape 7 or greater
    • Opera 9
  • It is recommended that you use a computer that meets these system requirements.

Help Files - It is recommended that you view the help files and familiarize yourself with the system prior to use.
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How do I get files off the "K Drive" it only shows my files from the "U Drive"   Choose "the K Drive\" Icon at the top of the Page