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Contact Information:
Managerial Sciences Department /28

College of Business Administration
University of Nevada, Reno
NV 89557-0206
Office: (01) 775-682-9161
Fax : (01) 775-784-1769




Management Area Coordinator
Co-Director, Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Former President, Association of Muslim Social Scientists, USA
Former Chair, Managerial Sciences Department
UNR Faculty Senate Representative
1999-2000 Senior Fulbright Scholar, Mauritius
2013 Senior Fulbright Scholar, Turkey
Nominee, B. J. Fuller Teaching in Excellence award
2013 Highly Commended Paper Award, Journal of Management Development
2005 Best Paper Award, Academy of Business and Administartive Sciences

Ph.D., University of Texas, 1988
MBA,University of Texas, 1983
MA, Columbia University, New York, 1979
BA, Columbia University, New York, 1978

Expertise: Strategic Management; International Management; Business Ethics; Leadership and Spirituality.